[Vwdiesel] Jetta E Code/DRL Debates

Todd Osterbrink toddo at dwave.net
Mon Jun 9 23:12:06 EDT 2003

I agree totaly!  After all, look at motorcycles, they have to have their
headlights on all the time, and people still cut them off, run them over and

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> Looks like I started my first thread here -I'm so proud....
> I agree with Shawn when he said," If I want my headlights on, I will turn
> on myself, thank you."
> I like to communicate with my lights ( letting truckers know it's OK to
> over, flashing to someone that it's OK to " go ahead" ,ect....), and DRL's
> make my communication less noticable because the lights are always
> with regard to daytime driving, I don't think a horde of cars with  lights
> is any safer than a horde of cars with lights off - many people get
> either way.
> Bill Kelly
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