[Vwdiesel] Passat TDI

Duncan L. Forbes duncan.forbes at ints.com
Fri Jun 13 07:34:53 EDT 2003

Chris Thornton wrote:
> My advice to you is test drive the Jetta Variant TDI and see if
> it will suit your needs.  And if it won't, put in your order for a Passat

Checked out the Jetta TDI wagon last night. Very, very nice but after
sitting in the back seat, the little woman says, "Blaire's car seat won't
fit in here." This statement ended the discussion on the Jetta. So then we
looked at a Passat wagon. It was much better. It was large enough for our
needs. We took out the 1.8T with tiptronic transmission. Very nice driving!

So I ask the salesman about the TDI Passat. He said that they just went to a
VW seminar highlighting the upcoming models. The Touareg was the main
feature but they slipped in that the Passat was coming in a TDI in 2004.
Also that the Eurovan was being pulled from the market and redesigned, and
should be back in 2005. The reason he said they were given for no Passat TDI
is the quality of the US diesel fuel.

(Please forgive the following whine.)

I have to say I am frustrated with this. I understand that US diesel at 500
PPM sulfur content is not good for the engines, but they are selling the
Jetta in a TDI despite the fuel. Why can't they sell the Passat? I had sold
my wife on the TDI, she thinks diesels are awesome (good fuel economy,
straight forward, reliable), but I can't sell her on a Jetta, too small. She
said that if she can't have the benefits of a diesel Passat she doesn't want
one (I may have turned her into too much of a diesel fan). So I guess it is
going to be another couple of years in a mini-van. It is my wife's car so it
really comes down to what she wants, but on weekends I am the primary driver
of the family rig and I would much rather be tooling around in a TDI powered
Passat then a mini-van. Oh well, maybe in another couple of years.

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