[Vwdiesel] TDI-Detuned European?

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"How would a TDI built for the European market be detuned to run on American
high sulfur/low cetane fuel?"

The same way TDI's have been running over here since 1996.  *ALL* TDI's were
originally designed for high cetane, low-sulphur fuel.  Luckily they're so
versatile they'll run on our crappy diesel as well.

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> Just got a new Parts Place catalog (H), and saw a variety if TDI engines
> offered for conversions. Catalog was a little vague about how those
> would run on American fuel.
> How would a TDI built for the European market be detuned to run on
> Americanhigh sulfur/low cetane fuel?  The Parts Place is offering a
> of TDI engines, from Europe, to be used as conversions on American cars.
> the 4 cylinder iteration they list generation 3 and generation 4 TDI's,
> also offer a 141 HP 2.5 liter TDI from the 1995-1997 run (used in Audi
> on the other side of the pond.
> I am trying to rationalize the apparent contradictions between reasons
> given for VW not offering these engines on the American market, and the
> fact that a private vendor now offers them to that same market for
> VW says the American fuel is inadequate for these engines, and the TDI's
> that they DID offer in the USA are "detuned" for American diesel fuel.
> I need to know what they did to "detune" the ones they did offer. Perhaps
> the same things have to be done to those being offered by The Parts Place.
> Maybe the Parts Place engines will self-destruct or fail prematurely if I
> don't make some changes in them before using them in a conversion.
> I am going to contact The Parts Place and ask the same questions, but I'm
> interested in opinions of disinterested parties, such as yourselves.
> Perhaps you have considered similar conversions and can direct me to a
> thread that will be illuminating.
> Doyt Echelberger
> 84 Rabbit D
> 85 Jetta TD
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