[Vwdiesel] TDI-Detuned European?

TexasTDI TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 14 22:20:08 EDT 2003

I'd love to find an old 93 or 94 Eurovan with a worn out 2.5 gasser to
perform a swap.  }:o)

Chris Thornton
1991 VW Jetta 2 Door 1.6 Diesel - 237k miles
2000 VW Golf 1.9TDI (turbo diesel) - 82k miles
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> Harmon wrote:
> >    So what sort of prices are they asking for, say, the 2.5TDI? That
> be the
> > same one that's in the Eurovan, eh?<<
> $3495, cash, cashier's check or money order, no core charge.  Comes "super
> complete,"  with injection pump, I & E manifolds, ECU, wiring harness, air
> filter assy., flywheel & clutch, injectors, turbochargers, IC & plumbing,
> air flow meter, Throttle potentiometer, and "Misc. sensors and more."
>     Blurb said that this engine was OEM in European Audi A6's from '95-97,
> and the South African Eurovan.  Canadian Eurovan, they say, had an IDI
> non-turbo.  They claim it should be able to be made to fit anything that
> came with an Audi 5cyl., including the Quantum. (Kindly don't heckle the
> messenger here.)
>     In small print at the bottom of the page:
>     "Bear in mind that this is not a stock conversion and will require
> improvisation.  We will provide you with as much information as we know at
> the time you buy the engine, but we will not do it for you, nor will we
> your hand while you do it.  Do research before you attempt this."
>     A brochure, including part numbers, is available for $2.
>     Somehow, I suspect that there may be a lot of pissed off owners in
> Eastern Europe & South Africa who can't find spare parts in junkyards due
> missing engines.
>     Scott Kair

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