[Vwdiesel] TD engine identificaiton

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Tue Jun 17 08:13:47 EDT 2003

On 16 Jun 2003 at 19:17, Michael Hitchings <mhitchings at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey gang,
> Does the 1.6 TD have the CCV hockey puck on the top of the valve cover?

Mine does, taken from an '87 or '88 Jetta.

> I was looking at the donor engine I am picking up and then looking at
> other pics of TD's online and had a thought.which one am I really
> looking at?  I can't see the side of the block to see the identification
> on the side.and the VIN didn't give me any hints.
> If anyone has pics of the different engines they want to show me I would
> be very appreciative.

What are the other possibilities that it could be? Another clue is the aneroid on the
injection pump, and vastly different intake plumbing. --
Shawn Wright
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