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I read over the several posts on this topic, and realized that no one has
commented on one of the advantages of getting rid of the rear muffler: It
is a huge, heavy chunk of hollow steel which hangs there on bouncy little
rubber bands that break about every six months. And because of its weight
and the diesel vibration, it is prone to cracking its inlet and outlet
pipes where they attached. When I took it off and carried it to the garage,
I was surprised at how heavy that whole thing was. The car handled better
when it was gone. And the engine ran better without it's restriction. Mine
was the original muffler, 18 years old. It never rusted out but its pipes
cracked off several times. A real boat anchor, amazingly durable.

Certainly there is a lighter way (or even multiple ways) to reduce the
exhaust noise, and whatever you use can be placed in locations that won't
wiggle the tail of the car like a trailer on a semi.


At 06:08 AM 6/17/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks for the info. I have a muffler on there right now but the pipe is
>looking like it may die soon. In fact, I had a section fall off (from
>the toilet bowl to where it goes under the car on my 1.6NA) when I towed
>it home. That's in the passenger seat right now!!!
>I think I can deal with a little noise like you describe. I can put a
>cheap Autozone chrome downpipe tip on it to keep the total noise down,
>especially in my neighborhood.
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>I'm running my 85 Jetta TD with a straight pipe, and what Loren sez is
>of my car, also. If I had it to do over, I'd probably put a small
>silencer/glasspack about the middle of the system, to soften that
>BRRRRAAAAAPPPPP that I get when I wind up through the gears with a heavy
>foot. Or maybe just put a deflector on the tail pipe, to direct the
>toward the ground.
>You can hear the straight pipe a block away when you get on the pedal,
>from inside the car it isn't very noticeable. The sound is blasting out
>tailpipe, at whatever is behind the car.....that is where you hear it.
>may be where to soften it.
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> >I probably missed this when it's been talked about before but....
> >
> >On my newly acquired TD (circa '86), if I run a muffler-less exhaust,
> >it be too loud for my neighbors or will it be similar to a TDI
> >in the turbo whistle, but not increased engine sound)?  I know the
> >acts like a muffler to an extent, but I want to try some stuff...all
> >totally ticking off my neighbors (nice suburban subdivision).
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