[Vwdiesel] honing and burning oil

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Jun 29 03:53:59 EDT 2003

> So, is it possible that the scraper rings are just
>  stuck?  Bon Ami might help too right?  What can I do short of a re-ring?
>  Crazy ideas needed

  Usually it's the top or second ring that sticks.  It's from carbon buildup.

It can be from engine blowby carbon/soot or oil coking.  If the wrong oil
has been used extensively then pulling the injectors and letting some
ATF sit in the cylinders and running synthetic have a good chance of
helping.  Running some ATF through by dribbling it in the intake might
help as well.
  Oil usage is usually from worn rings/cylinders or bad valve stem seals.
Stuck rings do happen from time to time so that would be nice for you.  :)
Don't rule out bad injectors making excess smoke or carbon buildup.
A re-ring at least isn't too bad on one of these.  :)

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