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Mark Shepherd markonee1 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 29 23:07:00 EDT 2003

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I have a pair of tyres on my Quantum (rear) that have flat spots on. These
tyres have had this problem for nearly a year now..In fact they may have been
like it since I've had the car..I keep forgetting about it and then on
sections of  relatively smooth road I become aware of  a noise that I think is
a poor bearing...Its only when I'm going slowly in a traffic jam that the
truth resurfaces and the car rear perceptably jolts up and down like  pieces
of chewing gum are stuck on the tyres.... Looking at the tyres it can be seen
that these lumps are actually flat sections of tread...the flat spot never
transgressing across from one tread section to another...a sort of isolated
island of flat rubber...about 3 on each tyre. I think it may be a
manufacturing fault...Dont ask me the brand...I havent checked ..some European
Why hasnt the 'Miser' changed them?...I must have 3 sets of tyres in the back
of one of my garages...but every VW I've had (all from the 1980's) have
different rims and I cant be bothered to swap them around ;-p

Quantum-Mark(the Miser)UK      "If I can bend it or stick it to gether I

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