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LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Fri Mar 7 15:20:12 EST 2003

> Is it mere stupidity or naivete' on my part to think that if the inclusion
>  of 2-cycle oil posed such clear advantages for diesel fuel, it would be
>  included in the production of the fuel itself?
>  Jack

  Bosch recommends Stanadyne fuel additive.  It's not included in the
manufacture of diesel but one of the leading injector pump manufacturers
recommends a competitor's product.  I got that straight from a pump
rebuilder.  This came about with the reformulation of diesel a few years,
to reduce the sulfur.
  I'm not a big endorser of fuel additives, I rarely use them in fact.  But
just because something's not in a fuel to start with doesn't mean it can't
help certain characteristics.  A little toluene does wonders to stop
preignition in a gas engine, as does avgas.  Neither are in regular but
either help.  In the case of gas, they do indeed withhold octane improvers
in the lower grades or use lower grade fuel.  Since a diesel doesn't tend
to "tattle" like a gas engine does, they can use lower cetane fuel and
most will never have a clue!  There are very few hi-grade diesel options
out there.

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