[Vwdiesel] Need help getting parts from Germany

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Tue Mar 11 06:14:17 EST 2003

When I rebuilt my injectors for the 1.6, before I finished rebuilding the 1.9, I
used needle/nozzle ass'ys. for the 1.6 CR engine but shimmed them to break at 135 to
140 which is the high end of the 1.9 n.a. spec..  I've now got a set of n/n ass'ys.
for the 1.5 that I'll use to rebuild the injectors that came out of the 1.6.  I'll
stick those in the 1.9 when I check its compression this summer.

Since Bryan has a n.a., melt-down isn't likely to happen (mine hasn't melted yet,
and I've done some loaded, 2500 to 3000 rpm, climbing on hot days) mostly cause you
aren't getting enough air to burn enough fuel to make enough heat.  Watch the
coolant temp., don't let it overheat, and keep the rpms up.  You are throwing away
money when you make black smoke.  If it were mine, I'd turn the screw in until I was
seeing black smoke and turn it back out a bit from there.  It's all to what you are
comfortable with and what you think you can get away with...the fine art of diesel
tuning. :) I want a pyrometer gauge to watch...someday.

They were selling the 1.6 head with 1.9 block a couple of years ago.  The hydraulic
1.6 is the one used.


> Only trouble with this is you only know what nozzles are installed by taking
> them apart and looking at the nozzle part number etched on the body.  The
> numbers you see on the outside reflect the part number of the injector body,
> not necesarily the nozzle itself.  A rebuilder can put in a range of
> different schnozzles.
> Any calibration you want to attempt should be done in reference to the
> exhaust gas temperature. Use the 1.9 nozzles, leave pump as is, timed to the
> performance spec, then increase your fuel in SMALL incrememnts until you
> reach the power level you require, without going past the melting point.
> Most head/piston alloys let go at 1400 degrees, so you want to use 11-1200
> as a start point to not be exceeded.  A good rule of thumb is the smoke
> screen method as Dana suggests, but there is nothing like a direct
> measurement.
> Justaminit.. you're using a 1.6 head on a 1.9 block?  Does that work okay?
> -James

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