[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 22 ( Why did I not think of that ?)

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Tue Mar 11 07:36:42 EST 2003

Nate Wall wrote:
> <<<This weekend Hagar snapped off two Brake caliper
> > drain fittings --yieks.   Price quote (dealer)
> > 214.45 plus 14.5 % tax  Canadian dollars.
> 428.90>>>
> I've seen rebuilt calipers for about $125 (USD) from
> vwparts.com (germanimports?), and new for a little
> more. Also, is it possible to drill real close to the
> caliper bleeder bolt threads and then extract what's
> left of the bleeder bolt? or perhaps if a little is
> sticking out, bang it w/ a hammer and try an Easy Out
> on it? I would not give up just yet if its $480 on the
> line.

I like the tapered square sided easy outs.  I used one on a sheared off grease fitting.  Just tap the tapered end into the
existing hole and put a wrench on it and turn it out.  They seem to be a lot less prone to breaking than the screw thread type
and they fit in a lot smaller holes.


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