[Vwdiesel] Need help getting parts from Germany

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Another viewpoint:

Pyrometer probes are just K type thermocouples.  People pay
way too much for these things from companies who list them
as pyrometer probes and sell them for $60, when you can call
Omega and get them for $20.  My brand new Isspro pyrometer
for my Truck was ordered without the thermocouple from
egauges.com and I calibrated it with an Omega thermocouple.
Works great.  Saved me over $50.

What did dieselpage.com charge you for a probe Loren?  Last I
heard they were over $60 or so.  I am trying to get an order
straightened out with them right now.  I ordered an Isspro boost
gauge, and they sent me the wrong one.  It's been over a week
now, and I still don't have another one.

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> > Try turning your max
> >  fuel screw in a quarter turn at a time, then leadfoot it
> and see if you
> make
> >  smoke or not.
>   WOW!  I only turned the Dasher up about a quarter turn, or
> a tad more.
> It wouldn't go above 500 to 600 F before.  After it was about
> 1200 F, both
> pre-turbine.
>   Shameless plug for www.dieselpage.com  When I was looking for a
> replacement probe for my Isspro pyrometer, they had the best price.
> Same for a complete pyrometer and boost gauge for Dad's TD pickup
> project.  I looked all over and the only ones that were cheaper only
> were because the hose or wiring kits were extra!
>      Loren
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