[Vwdiesel] broken bleeder valves

dieseltdi at earthlink.net dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 15 20:54:09 EST 2003

While I was out, I managed to check my email a few times and noticed the
whole discussion on broken bleeder valves.  Just before I left I had the
same problem on the Caddy I am putting back together.  I used my propane
torch to repeatedly heat up the area around the bleeder valve remanant (it
was also VERY rusty) between heatings I soaked it with some stuff called PB
Blaster.  GREAT STUFF if you can find it.  Anyway, after about 5 rounds of
heating and soaking with PB, I put the caliper in a vice,  I then took a
small torx screw driver that was just a bit larger than the hole in the
bleeder valve and tapped it into the hole with a hammer.  I then put
pressure on the screw driver (lefty loosey) and tapped with the hammer.
After about five taps, bleeder valve began to turn and out it came.  I
bought a set of one man bleeder valves at Orielly Auto parts and replaced
both of them.  Anyway, thought I would pass that along, even though it is
DAYS after the whole discussion started.  Hayden

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