[Vwdiesel] Getting the Best Transportation Deal

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 07:22:43 EST 2003

Let me start off by stating I'm not one to promote
other's products on a commercial basis, and I have not
purchased this book personaly, so I'm just passing
along some potentially usefull info.

Yesterday I read an article from Kyle Busch
entitled, "Options for That Expensive Car Repair", and
it mentioned in 1991 he bought a used '86 VW Jetta.
Now it has over 340,000 miles, original motor. I was
curious, is it diesel?, so I e-mailed him. Oddly
enough, its not. But he asked that I pass along info
about his new book, which may be of intrest to the
frugal, like us. I said I would, so here is:

"Please tell others about my web site:
www.drivethebestbook.com and about the book "Drive the
Best for the Price ..., available at 1stBooks.com for

I think there is the option for feedback, so perhaps
we could put in a good word for diesels.


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