[Vwdiesel] Gasoline Companies to Boycott

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"I think I'll just use WVO & Amsoil instead of buying any oil from

Good choice!  }:o)

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> I'm behind Harmon on this one. People need to open their eyes to what is
> really going on, and not be "blinded by patriotism." I don't consider
> supporting someone that is destroying your country [Bush] for his own
> selfish reasons patriotism. I would much rather buy Saudi oil than US
> oil, which makes people like Bush richer. He's destroying the alliances
> that we have formed to prevent a second world war, just for his own ego
> & the oil industry. He doesn't care how many innocent people have to die
> (American or Iraqi), or how much environmental damage he has to cause
> (the Gulf War resulted in one of the largest ecological disasters in
> history), as long as it will help him get reelected, and open up oil
> purchasing in Iraq after he sets up his puppet government. Keep in mind
> that almost half of the people that voted, actually voted for him, while
> the rest didn't even care enough to vote; that should say something
> about americans. I for one, can't wait to move to a country, where the
> people give a damn about anything but how much money will be in their
> bank account in the next 3 months.
> Mandatory VW Diesel Content:I think I'll just use WVO & Amsoil instead
> of buying any oil from either...
> -Tyler

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