[Vwdiesel] AMERICA AMERICA I love you .

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Mar 19 19:03:19 EST 2003

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America ------I do not know how to spell it???? yeiks.My country right or w=
rong ???? bullshit. End justifies the MEANS ???? bullshit.---Hagar does agr=
ee with the person who said let this be a VW diesel forum ---however this i=
s a minute of a WAR starting ---and I the Texas wannabe want to say a few t=
hings. Texans can NOT be shut up .You don't like it ????  tough tits. Hagar=
 is watching CNN in Baghdad.   Sure is madness in my book.And I am NO frien=
d of Saddam or bin Laden.      Hagar.

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