[Vwdiesel] Political views --- Hagar has one ???.

Shirley, Mark R MarkRShirley at eaton.com
Thu Mar 20 12:52:48 EST 2003

Hagar, I will never rest while this country slides towards
the pit that is Socialism.  Socialism lowers all humanity
to the same blah grey level, does not encourage those who
inhabit to rise to the highest level they are capable of.
Redistribution of wealth by force from those that have to
those that do not demoralizes and punishes those who are
simply working to their potential.

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> Lets calm the waters a bit ---there is hope in the
> future.Look at the scumbag Vikings, as they became Christians
> .They became  the most peaceful wonderful countries in the
> world.Socialist to the bone.  example ??? Denmark's motto
> "This is a country where FEW have too much , but FEWER too
> little." lets see you top that one.Sweden Norway and Denmark
> was fighting each other for years look at them NOW.A war
> between them now ?---highly unlikely. --So Hagar is kind of
> optimistic that ALL of us here can learn to get a long  --and
> play with the VW  Diesels.I swear by Gott that I will do
> everything in my power to facilitate a friendship amongst ALL
> of us.My happiness is closely linked to VW diesels and this
> forum.     have fun      Hagar.
> Ps:   While driving my flathead Ford 1942 in Texas ,I noticed
>  dimples in the highway signs.So I stopped to look ----there
> was pounds of lead on the ground around the post. 45caliper
> bullets.(All lead) Gunslinger Hagar made a few impression
> here and there with a Colt 45.(yeah   I like guns too).Texas
> is still a wild place.
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