[Vwdiesel] Re: Diesel price

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Thu Mar 20 14:02:40 EST 2003

Our local price in Rochester NY area has dropped down to $1.849 from
$1.999 a week ago.

Has anyone seen problems with availability?  Our airport fuel manager
and a local service station owner have both told me that ordering fuel
has become an ordeal.  Until a few weeks ago, they could order 24/7
and get delivery reasonably quickly.  Now they're limited in the
number of hours they can order (4 or 6), and delivery is not as timely.

The service station owner mentioned several websites which have wholesale
pricing and availability.  Presumably then, one can track wholesale
pricing within a region rather easily.

Product idea: The TDI Jetta ferry tank.  A conductive plastic tank with
pump, which conveniently fits in the trunk, and acts as a storage
tank for diesel fuel.  When additional fuel is needed, the integral
pump transfers diesel fuel from the ferry tank to the vehicle tank.
Supports continential trips without the need for service station
refueling enroute.

Augmented product idea:  With out Jetta Inverter, you can get 2000W or more
of modified sine wave power to run you microwave or toaster oven.  Ideal
for those springtime ice storms with extended power outages.  The inverter
mounts near the battery box, or with our optional "Mongo Power Cables" it
can be permanently mounted in the trunk.

Combined with the Jetta Ferry Tank, the Jetta inverter will keep you TV running
for well over a week, and your car fueled for many resupply runs to the
grocery, in the event of inclimate weather, ice storms, or forgetting
your wedding anniversary.


> I just filled up my vanagon with #2 diesel here in northern VT for
> $2.19 a gallon! I need to start making my own fuel soon!
> Ken

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