[Vwdiesel] ENR articles

Dennis Pantazis dennis at pantazis.org
Thu Mar 20 20:05:43 EST 2003

Engineering News Record this week had some neat stories that we might be
interested in. i could not find hte stories on their website. 3/17/03 issue.
had picture and headline regarding the buildup of forces in iraq.

"Green Facilities Transform Veggies into Diesel Fuel" on how commercial
biodiesel production from pig manure is proposed by Smithfield Foods. I'm
not sure i completely undestand how this works, but they seem to generate
methanol from digestion of manure and then use either local waste oil or
virgin oil to make the bioD. Being completely built in-house. Scheduled for
mid-2003 startup. No stated plans for distribution. Also quoted was 2001
bioD-5M gal, 2002 10-15Mgal.

Feature storey was about manuf's slowly meeting clean air and polution
criteria. Talks about emmisions and standards for both off-highway and
on-highway vehicles. The presented the reductions in the units of grams per
brake horsepower hour.

Another articles also talked about the rising costs of equipment due to
engine reated improvements.

Realted: Ohio will have the first fuel cell r&d to supplement grid power.


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