[Vwdiesel] Rabbit "High Caliper advice".

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Wed Mar 26 17:20:24 EST 2003

Just a preventative note.  Cap the bleeders.  It keeps the brine out.
If you can't find caps at the parts store or the dealer, get small
diameter bumper pads, or carve and drill a pink pencil eraser to work.
I'm not sure that I'd put a screw in the bleeder, but something soft
and something which seals out moisture.

I agree with Loren's concept of cracking the bleeder screw annually.
In most systems the fluid gets changed every 24 mos.  Why not progressive,
partial changes?  This way you get the gunk out of the cylinder sooner.

As an aside, when servicing brakes, I like to clean up the stampings
on the pads.  I may also clean the guide surfaces for the pads on the
caliper.  A light hit with a mill file is usually adequate.  Cleaning the
stampings helps assure smooth fit of the pad.


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> This is for newbie buyers of Rabbits 1980 to 1984 -- Do NOT do like Hagar -=
>  he broke 3 bleederscrews before doing it RIGHT.
> Do not try to move the screws until you follow directions by  LOREN and the=
>   fella with the detailed instructions . forgot his name but ask me and I s=
> hall find it. Say starting with left front--turn wheel full left--use 14 mm=
>  open end wrench --break line fitting loose.--retighten loosely.----Jack up=
>  remove wheel ---Remove the two guidepins.---Pull caliper --leave pads. --N=
> ow you can turn calipers to remove from Rabbit.---Piece of cake.
> With caliper in hand follow  "Val Christian" procedure ---it works. Did one=
>  more yesterday.
> Then when finished --remember to do a " exercise   "LOREN" ---move screws a=
> t least every year. I am going to do it every oilchange.       To stop dirt=
>  and fluid etc. Use an old line. Hacksaw at fitting and use a sheetmetal sc=
> rew to terminate. .Those ends are handy for cheapskates like me ---little l=
> oss of fluid from Rabbit while doing Caliper.    wish you luck.       Hagar.
> Ps: Thanks Val and Loren.
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