[Vwdiesel] Timing belt on a 1.9NA

mark drillock drillock at earthlink.net
Fri May 2 06:47:35 EDT 2003

My mention of the pump gear was in reference to it lining up properly
with the path of the timing belt. When I put a 1.6 pump and gear on my
1.9 TD the belt was off center on that gear by an excessive amount. This
was an early AAZ engine with all AAZ parts and I pulled the AAZ pump to
test a 1.6 pump. I mounted it on the AAZ bracket and it worked for the
test but the belt did not line up right.

My later AAZ engine uses a different pulley-pump mount scheme like that
on TDI pumps so I don't think you could mount a 1.6 pump on one of those
with changing the bracket.


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> > I didn't see a pump mounting bracket with the kit. But, I think it did
> >  have a different pump gear. I just looked at it briefly before sending it
> >  off to the shop.
>   Ok, question time!  Since the cam and the pump do one revolution
> for two of the crank, and the gear diameters are what accomplish this,
> and the pump and cam must rotate at the same rate...  How can you
> change the pump gear to a different diameter?  Obviously you can't
> just add teeth as the spacing would then be different than the other
> gears.
>   Seems like it'd just use a longer belt.
>   Here's the numbers I found.  This is for an AAZ engine, which is turbo, but
> the external dimensions should be the same.
> Belt   028-109-119 K
> Tensioner To Engine # AAZ 552 765  068-109-243 C
> Tensioner From Engine # AAZ 552 766  028-109-243 E
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