[Vwdiesel] Northwest dieselfest ' 03..

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri May 2 20:37:54 EDT 2003

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Val Christian --I just looked up in my (1974) WA Pilots Guide.: Copalis Bea=
ch State Airport. ----it is  right on the beach ---south of Pacific Beach s=
o close  Lorens place is visible on the aerial shot.  Runways 15 and  33   =
 5000 feet -- elevation 0. Windsock. Do circuit over the water.---(yeiks if=
 only the wings were on "Matilda").Loren you are off to a "flying" start .I=
 do not expect to see Val there .---but we can dream of glory.--can't we ??=
??..Looks to me a gang of Diesel Hams and Diesel flyboys and --tinkers -and=
 INVENTORS. may show up.WOW.My claim to FAME (shame?) around there is a per=
formance at the Kitsap Airshow.Think the FAA and Customs,are still looking =
for me.and Joe Ralkowski and Dave Rahm and  Jack Hayes.
Val Christian what is the crusing speed of your dollar eigthy two ?.I am su=
re there are lot of us types around the north west.(and not to fergets the =
Canuks)      Hope to see you all there.      Hagar.

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