[Vwdiesel] Rabbit Rear Brakes. 1980 --to 1984.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat May 3 15:02:06 EDT 2003

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This way of doing the brakes may be handy for those of you having to do the=
m outside (like me)
1=2E Remove the two nuts from cable between seats. 2. Remove drum.( you may=
 have to use a puller.(due to wear ridge). 3. Remove Hydraulic line. 4. Rem=
ove two bottom bolts (to free the cable.(it has to be pulled outwards to fr=
ee from arm.).5. Remove cable from backplate. 6. Remove top two bolts    yo=
u now have the whole mess free of Rabbit., Good time to check spindle.  Eve=
rything can be done completely in the "shop"    (Under the lower staircase)=
  or the bedroom.To reinstall takes only minutes.Procedure used here  9 tim=
e ---works like crazy.Oh yeah I use a block of wood as close to wheel  poss=
ible .Under the round tube.Use Ever-Sleeze on assembly---    Hagar.

Ps: It is raining cats and dogs right now.-

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