[Vwdiesel] 2+2 = 5....or how to make 1mm=zero

Mark Shepherd markonee1 at hotmail.com
Sun May 4 13:46:44 EDT 2003

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What the book is trying to say in  a strange language is set the gauge so that
it is operating within its range of travel...Its just a precaution to ensure
that the probe on the dial indicator is touching the cam. What you are doing
is pushing the needle in a little and then calling this new place 'zero' by
rotating the gauge to 0   removing the gauge should send the needleto the
bottom of its travel which would then read negative 1mm... this equates to
about -39 1/2 thou You could choose another value but you need enough push
left to get your 30 to 40 thou deflection for your particular engine!

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