[Vwdiesel] Thermostat R&R, 95 TD

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Tue May 6 19:14:06 EDT 2003

I changed one about 3 yrs ago - If it's similar to my '91, and if I
remember correctly, I had to take off the power steering pump bracket in
order to get the bolts to the thermostat cover out, which of course
necessitated at least loosening the power steering pump to get the bolts
out that hold the bracket on (that lives in the house that Jack
built)... it was more of a PITA than I anticipated also...


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Mine stuck on me a while back.  I got a new one thinking that it should
be a simple job ( at least in the pics of the Bentley )  So I go to
tackle the job and low and behold I have a bunch of brackets etc. in the
way.  I was wondering just what I have to remove to get the thermostat


BTW, for those that gave advice on the Audi I was looking at ( it turned
out to be a 4000, 5cyl ), we bought it.  Just needs a brake job and a
good tune up.  Thanks for the great input !

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