[Vwdiesel] Re:Mileage:NAvsTD?(RANT caution)

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 11:55:46 EDT 2003

Since the rebuilt motor got broken in my '85 Jetta TD,
I'm getting about 48 mpg, combined, mileage.---Nate

--- "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt at NWOnline.Net> wrote:
> Hello Shawn........My '82 Jetta NAD got about
> 38mpUSg, and my '85 Jetta TD
> gets about the same mileage, maybe a tad better. I
> think it has more to do
> with how I drive, rather than being a factor of the
> efficiency of the
> engines. The TD _might_ get better mileage, but I
> drive it harder at
> highway speed, in a more aggressive fashion, because
> (like a mountain to
> climb)it will respond. I didn't drive the 82 NA the
> same way because there
> was no point in it. It didn't respond. Great car,
> but nothing like the TD
> in performance over 35 mph. It was working pretty
> hard to get over 85 mph.
> In fact, it was working pretty hard to run at 70. My
> TD is playful at
> 65-70, and I have to watch the speedometer to avoid
> turbo creep into the
> speeding ticket zone.
> The NA diesel in my 84 Rabbit is lots of fun around
> town, because it is a
> light weight car and the gearing is low enough to
> take advantage of the low
> RPM diesel torque. But is  running out of sizzle at
> 65. Maybe it is just
> showing it's age. I do like driving that old Rabbit
> around town.
> Personally, I think your figure of 40mpUSg with the
> TD is a remarkable and
> enviable achievement.
> AND.......(which you didn't ask about) I am ready to
> act on my decision to
> buy a new or recntly used manual tranny Jetta or
> Passat TDI this year or
> next. The price of diesel fuel has been so volatile
> that I want to minimize
> the leverage oil companies have on my pocketbook
> over the next 10 years.
> Plus, I think there are huge numbers of additional
> economic factors
> operating to push diesel fuel prices lower or at
> least hold them where they
> are, to keep the trucking and railway systems and
> military vehicles
> operating in the USA. Nobody can afford to let those
> systems get much more
> expensive.
> RANT: Frankly, I'm a little worried that the USA is
> already into a losing
> spiral of rising costs and falling employment, with
> huge government
> deficits ahead, bankruptcy escalation, and other
> unpleasant stuff. People
> around me are getting laid off or not hired, as
> every institution from
> local government to Ford and American Airlines is
> trying to deal with
> falling revenues and rising prices. They just cut
> the payroll by letting
> huge numbers of people go, or they fold up and
> disappear. Hope it turns
> around. Sorry for the rant.
> Interesting topic.
> Doyt Echelberger
> 84 NA Rabbit
> 85 TD Jetta
> 82 NA Jetta RIP
>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> At 08:05 AM 5/10/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >For those of you who've driven both NA & TD engines
> in similar vehicles,
> >how have you found the mileage to compare?
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