[Vwdiesel] FS: Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer Set

Jim jrasite at eoni.com
Mon May 12 15:51:19 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

Building a motor?  Need to check journal and piston sizes? Have I got a
deal for you... (and I need to make the mortgage,)

I have three Mitutoyo digital micrometers left over from my aerospace
quality assurance days.

Model No:         Range

293-722         1-2"  25.4-50.8mm
293-723         2-3"  50.8-76.2mm
293-724         3-4"  76.2-101.6mm

These are each LCD digital mics that resolve to 0.00005"/.001mm and read
in both imperial and metric units. Mitutoyo says the first two are
accurate to their resolution and the large one is accurate to 0.0001"
They aren't new, but they were new when I got them and I'll bet I
haven't used them a half dozen times. They've just been sitting in the
cork lined toolbox drawer for fifteen years. There's literally, not a
mark on them. Carbide anvils, ratcheting thimbles, top-of-the-line
stuff. You can find the details at Mitutoyo's website. Just search the
Model Number.

The current retail cost of the three of them is $691, discount houses
get over $650 for them.  I'd like to see them go to a good home, so if
you're setting up to do motors or if you want to upgrade to new
equipment, now's your chance to save a bunch of bucks. I could flog them
on epay and easily get $400 for 'em.  Does someone want/need them bad
enough to give me $350 + postage for the set? If not, make me an offer I
can't refuse... Mortgage is due the fifteenth.


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