[Vwdiesel] Vanagon 1983 with a HELL of a pile of problems.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat May 17 08:29:42 EDT 2003

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Firstly about  DA BALLS  : Oil pressure ball is integral with the pump down=
stairs.(sounds like you verified pressure from pump)   Bypass ball (filter)=
 does not prevent pressure it assures pressure in a situation where filter =
is blocked.Probably function as protection for filter during very cold weat=
her starts as well.
Why is my sweetheart " Bunny Blue"  the 1980 four door Deluxe Rabbit  my ch=
oice. The lowly NO TURBO Round eyed bunny girl ?  ---- answer to be found i=
n about 30 threads prior to this one.     SERVICE on the road. There is NOT=
HING I can not have fixed on the road by any well equipped service station.=
 I just offer more money if I can supervise mechanic.Remember my fantasy is=
 a sentimental trip around Wonderful North America ----Did the trip years a=
go in stages first a  chevy then a -Kaiser frazer --then a metropolitan (I =
liked it) then a 1957 MGA  ---then a US army jeep (surplus) then a Landrove=
r 109  1960 (love it "ANNABELLE") .  Started at the ALAMO ended up at Vanco=
uver Canada.(yes Virginia there is a Vancouver US)
An incredible journey for a boy from the slums of Copenhagen.  Thank you al=
l you helpful Yanks and canucs. In 1953 to 1962  everyone I met was so happ=
y=2EDated a lot of girls on the way.Got a collection agency letter here fro=
m a creditcard purchase in the everglades fla. Shell Oil    owed one cent .=
Pay up or be sued. Price per US gallon gasoline ?  13 cents.  So JON keep u=
s posted on what happens.This is why a lot of us are here -----BAD service =
--ignorant mechanics --I had a "Best mechanic" in town diagnose my V8 GM ha=
lf ton diesel broken pistons etc --cost me a lot of money --in the end I fo=
und the problem was a stuck open injector.---Thats when I borrowed ALL the =
diesel books from the public library. Moral ? find out what makes VW diesel=
s work or not work.    Have fun    Hagar.   PS : special mention "Hagred" (=

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