[Vwdiesel] Oil-tight diesel - does it exist?

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat May 17 21:31:27 EDT 2003

> I didn't change mine on my
>  TD until around 250k, and I think only the crank seal was leaking.

  It's not so much that they "fail" by 80K give or take, it's that generally
ONE of them will leak by then.  The others may last a long time or
follow behind.
>  btw, can one check the condition of the notorious int shaft bearings by
> measuring
>  play in the shaft with the seal carrier & seal removed? I'm curious what
> condition they are in...
  Not really.  They don't really wear, it's more like they start falling
Pieces start flaking off.  :(

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