[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 32.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon May 19 08:10:05 EDT 2003

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This weekend  (18may2003)  was 12 hours (every day) (3 days)   of Rabbit in burning sun..Wonder if "ZINC" oxide ointment will protect da snozzle.???.4 rabbits as follows 2 1980 4 door deluxe 1.5L NA --four on the floor. 1. 1982 two door 1.6L NA -- four on the floor. 1. 1984. four door deluxe 1.6L Turbo.. five on the floor.So what is the verdict ? is a "Senior" Rabbit worth it ? bet your sweet ass ---never had so much fun tinkering in all my day's.(25600 + -) mind you I no longer do it in the basement of an antique boarding house , or on the street.(Thank you LORD!!)driveway has room for hundreds of Rabbits..
(this is fishing and diving and sailing paradise---Rabbits welcome)So despite this in close to the "MIDDLE of  NO where" --avilable is   ----  Blasting cabinet "Empire" from transsylvania PÅ.  Lathe "Atlas 6 inch " Welding gas and arc. and on and on..    Rabbit # 1. the 300 dollar special (can dollars) the one that went berserk on the highway (ran away on crank case oil, and could NOT be stopped. )  IT is now completely relegated to parts. .Friday dash came out ! ! ! --non electrical' s  --forget changing --on the 1980 --models.What a piece of "Garbage".  Plastic dries out and becomes a nightmare .Change Rabbit instead.Now I know where the story about water in the fusepanel comes from.Seems like the heater blows junk on to the top of the panel ---then the water drips from above ------bingo lights out.Hundreds of push on connectors starts to rust and corrode ---remember what happens with dissimilar metals and moisture ?. ----yeiks !! Rabbits are calling me ( o7 : 06 )----already ??? --where does time go ?? --supersonic ?.    Hagar.
PS:  # 33 may follow.  Have super digital camera  so if you are stuck for a pic give a dingle.

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