[Vwdiesel] A/C Bracket Threaded Hole Repair

Dennis Pantazis dennis at pantazis.org
Thu May 22 13:16:52 EDT 2003

helicoil and that variety do use a special tap, but they are standardized.
the standard threaded style inserts are known as the 'keyseat' variety; there
are slots in the threads and little pins you drive in to lock everything in

napa has the small SS helicoil kits including the tap, insert tool and like 5-10
inserts for about $15 last i bought them, 6mm inserts, i think 10 inserts.

the key set variety are available from insdustrial supply houses. i like
mcmaster carr 'cuz i can get small lots and get them enternally threaded in inch
sizes and internal metric (most of my taps are unc/unf). if you go to
www.mcmaster.com and put in the catalogue page 3032 you can see the flavors and
varieties of these inserts.


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