[Vwdiesel] Volvo 960 Pyrotechnical Belt Tensioner? Off Topic

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun May 25 21:03:32 EDT 2003

> >Today my girlfriend bought a '92 Volvo 960. I found a
> >factory sticker on the driver's door post that stated
> >something to the effect, "This vehicle is equipped
> >with Pyrotechnical Belt Tensioners that must be
> >serviced or replaced after 10 years, see owner's
> >manual (which the previous owner did not have). What's
> >up with this?

 The 10 year requirement is more than likely a CYA on the part of the
manufacturer. That way, if something in the restraint system goes wrong
after 10 years and someone were to be hurt or killed, it would make it that
much harder for the manufacturer to be sued if the recommendations weren't
followed. I think my TDI has something similar for the airbags, but it's 6
years and every 2 thereafter, IIRC. I would imagine that service call would
be an expensive one, if the schedule calls for a blanket replacement rather
than an inspection.

 My thought is that a seatbelt pretensioner would be eminently preferable to
an airbag, but that's my opinion and bound to be counter to what some think.
My $.02....


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