[Vwdiesel] '96 Passat TDI engine noise nightmare!

Mike Maguire mmaguire at dircon.co.uk
Tue May 27 00:50:05 EDT 2003

Hi guys,

Loren, Sandy & Mark ... thanks for your suggestions & warnings.

Fortunately I can give the bonnet-open-climb-on-engine-while-moving exercise
a wide berth 'cos the noise is there when stationary (hmmnnn ... hadn't
thought of checking to see what happens when depressing the clutch though).

Yet to check for a loose c-shaft pulley but fixing this would be beyond my

"Hoping" it might be the a/c clutch since I have recently developed problems
with the a/c system.

I'll post results when I get to it ... first stage (11.50 pm over here) is
to read the manual ... even if it is only the Haynes version.


Exeter, UK

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