[Vwdiesel] 1.6 NA vs. 1.6 TD

Jim jrasite at eoni.com
Thu May 29 11:00:34 EDT 2003

So... If I read this correctly...

Cam geometry is the same.
Valve sizes are the same.
Oil pump increased in size. (I need it for Vanagon application.  Have to
use smaller oil pump.)
Jets added to cool bottom of pistons. (perhaps the reason for the larger
oil pump?)
Head is a different alloy.
Swirl chamber insert is a different alloy.
Thicker block deck.
Tougher crank.
Added harmonic balancer.
Different pistons to accomodate above mentioned cooling jets. CR stays
the same....
Valve material changed.

All-in-all, it sounds as though a TD long-block would be an improvement
over a NA long-block.  The only concern I see is the oil pump size.
Everything else seems to be an improvement.


Nate Wall wrote:

>Here, see this that Roger B. posted:
>it explians it nicely.
>--- Jim <jrasite at eoni.com> wrote:
>>What are the internal differences between these two
>>engines? Could one
>>install a TD motor without the turbo and have the
>>same output as the NA
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