[Vwdiesel] MK4 Jetta suspension noise

Michael Hitchings mhitchings at yahoo.com
Thu May 29 12:14:50 EDT 2003

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I've helped change out a few MK4 suspensions and I can tell you that a knoc=
k will come from the font end if the bolt on the top end of the strut has w=
orked itself loose at all. The strut will move around a bit under suspensio=
n travel and then the thump will come when everything re-seats itself prope=

This may also come from a bad strut bearing as Nate said. If that bearing i=
s bad, then the suspension will not move and self-adjust well and may bind =
and release causing the MT.

Can you give any more indications of when it occurs? Does the car do anythi=
ng else when this happens? Does it pull to one side at all? Anything else?

Mike Hitchings
Thanks to all who helped me as I was looking ! Last Saturday,  I
acquired a 2001 Jetta GLS TDI Sedan... The poop: Ebay purchase ( long story=
 short: Buy It Now was 13,500.00, I paid 10,900.00 ) 84k miles, well cared =
for by a travelin' guy, Tbelt changed @ 50k Traded in on a new BMW 5 series=
 5 spd., Silver w/ black leather, new in/out except for a few rock chips up=
 front ( silver hides them well, though ).
I plan to hang on to my 91 ECO, as it is still tight, dependable, and
runs fine. On my test drive in the 2001, I hit the highway, moving through
the gears like I do in my ECO. I felt a slight shimmy through the wheel,
and thought " Guess I'll have to balance the tires" , as I looked down at
the speedometer, expecting 70 mph or so. Yikes ( or Yahoo) !! The needle wa=
s a tad over 100 ! Such is the difference between the Old Standard and the =
New Power...

The car is overall EC, except for: The Mysterious Thump. The MT comes
from the passenger front corner, occurs when I hit a small/moderate bump. S=
ounds like a ball joint ( though less frequent) or a loose strut mount, tho=
ugh VW dealer claims all is well with the front end, and can offer no const=
ructive advice (big surprise ) other than " wait 'till it gits worse and br=
ing it back in." Seller will pay what it takes to fix The Thump, but what t=
o fix ?? Any ideas would be appreciated !!

Bill Kelly
1991 ECO
2001 Jetta GLS TDI         !!!!!!!!!!!!!


If it ain't broken, still fix it!!!

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