[Vwdiesel] Re: [Audi-VW-Diesels] TD engine found - $200, unknown condition

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 06:39:54 EDT 2003

Its worth at least $200. If its seized, broken a
T-Belt (you'll at least know if it has or not) or worn
out, you should get about $600 parting it out on e-Bay
(manifolds, turbo, head, oil cooler, turbo inj. pump,
etc. for the turbo specific stuff. The extra diesel
alternator and starter would be nice, too. The
tranny's worth something, too. Best bet is to see if
it starts and runs o.k. and use it if it does.

I'm, an expert at removing the cluster--Mine's been
R&Rd my me at least 10 times! The TD gage cluster is
VERY DESIRABLE (has a tack). To remove the lower dash
cover on the left. Unplug the 1 or 2 gage cluster
connectors from under the dash (depends on the year),
reach up behind the cluster --its a TIGHT fit-- and
PULL the speedo cable off the cluster. You may have to
loosen the cluster screws first to be able to get your
hand back there.

Remove the radio, A/C-heater control slide handles
(pull out), dash switches, A/C heater fan switch, and
unscrew the big plastic piece all that stuff fits into
(its also the trim piece for the gage cluster) There
is a hidden screw that sits behind one of the plastic
switch blank plugs, if I recall) and remove it (That'l
get $25 on e-Bay alone if in nice shape). Then remove
the 2 or 4, I forget, screws holding the cluster in.

BTW, Bentley states the steering wheel must be
removed. It does not. There is enough clearance w/ it

--- Michael Hitchings <mhitchings at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey gang,
> For a few weeks I have been driving by a local auto
> body shop that has a mid-80's Jetta sitting outside
> the fence. It has light front and rear damage. I
> though, with my luck it will be a gasser. Well, I
> stopped the other day and lifted the hood to find
> what appears to be a pretty nice TD. I am not
> positive of the year of the car, but I'm pretty sure
> it's a 1.6TD engine and not the 1.9TD. The 1.9 would
> be ideal, but I would only be so lucky.
> Anywho, I went and asked the Mgr. of the shop about
> it and after making a couple calls, he said if I
> pull it, everything under the hood is mine for "a
> couple hundred bucks." I told him I would see if I
> could swing the finances and would be back in a
> week. He said he would try to hold it for me, but
> since nobody has asked about it in a few months, he
> doens't see it going anywhere anytime soon.
> So, my question is, should I go for it? I'm going to
> go back and see if I can start it on Saturday, or at
> least see if it may turn over. I will check the rad
> for oil and dipstick for metal parts before I do,
> but even if it's toast, the parts off it could net
> me more than $200 right? eBay is a great venue for
> that type of thing.
> I'm also going to try to pull the gauge cluster if I
> can. Any known tricks with that? Remember it's an A2
> Jetta. Is there any comptuer stuff I need to pull as
> well?  Will this thing easily go into my '82 Rabbit?
>  Any imput is appreciated.
> Thanks gang.
> Mikey
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