[Vwdiesel] SVO -- Kerosene -- Snakeoil -- et.al ..

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat May 31 07:25:16 EDT 2003

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Not forgetting Turkey " Renderings"    (Scott Kair) .   Thanks Mark Shepher=
d for the link. BSE herds killing ? --- make fuel from the rendered  animal=
Kerosene worked like a charm , but this is the end of what was in the shed.=
 The bad part of that experiment ?  ---Kerosene was infected ---I had to us=
e filterpaper to remove algea.. Refinery told me that Drum Kerosene has sam=
e storage life as Diesel. ----6 month. (Funny Kerosene looked clear)   but =
paper turned black.So there is a rudimentary test for infection  put about =
a liter through filter paper and take a close look.   On the lighter side ?=
   I now know what microed algea tastes like  --- a filter stuck on the und=
erside of my pizza.  ---- thats what happens when you use the kitchen as a =
laboratory.      Taste ??? still trying to find the WORDS for it.    Hagar.

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