[Vwdiesel] Front intermediate shaft bearing

Gary, San Diego gabangs at san.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 12:02:46 EST 2003

1/4in? Wow! How do you develope any oil pressure?

You could be a victim of over-honing in part of the rebuilder. There are
two types of replacement bearings... actual size, and hone to size.

Is the play in only one axis or all around? A way too tight belt may
cause premature wearing of this bearing in one direction, but usually
the injection pump suffers the same fate.

Perhaps the shaft was machined, albeit, improperly.

If you can, get in there and mic the shaft journals and bearing inner
diameters. All four should be the same relatively. See which of the four
measurements are way out. If the bearing is way out... over-honed. Front
journal way under, over-machined or wore.

Based on you description of the bearing, you have the shaft already
removed. Go ahead and measure the journals.

This should tell you which direction to go.

Troubleshooting by wire since 1994.

-Gary, San Diego
1985 Quantum TD(for sell)

On Sat, 2002-08-10 at 18:10, David Kysar wrote:
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> I have alot (~1/4) play with my intermediate shaft.  I believe the bearin=
g is just behind the seal.  This is a rebuilt motor with less than 2K miles=
.  The bearings were replaced, the bearing looks fine no wear but it is lik=
e it isn't the right size because the shaft isn't snug at all at that beari=
ng.  The rear looks good and snug.  This shaft is my original with over 200=
K miles but where it sits on the bearing it isn't terribly worn.  Anyway  w=
hat should I do?  Find another intermediate shaft and see how that fits?
> Thanks,
> Dave k
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