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Thu Nov 20 12:02:46 EST 2003

the seals around the throttle shaft without affecting the pump's
calibration.  Would that be right?

I really need to take one all the way apart so I can see how the darn
thing works... then I wouldn't have to ask these idiot questions!

	Gary S.

On 30 Dec 2002, at 19:54 [-0500], Gary, Orlando (gbangs at wrote:

> Other Gary,
> That is not a screw, it's the shaft with a reference line etched in it.
> The springs are intimidating, but are workable. Once you get the top of
> the pump stripped down, and you break the top seal, you will need to get
> under the cover with needle nose pliers 'cause the throttle linkage
> connects to the control arm with a spring clamp of sorts. This is best
> done on the bench. Once you get it apart, you will see how the linkages
> work together and will be easy to reassemble.
> -Gary, Orlando
> On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 12:06, Gary Shea wrote:
> > Subject line pretty well gets it.  I wasn't too nervous about repairing
> > the leak at the cold-start lever.  This one has lots of springs and
> > that little tiny screw in the middle of the shaft makes me especially
> > nervous.
> >
> > 	Gary

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