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Gary, Orlando gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 12:02:46 EST 2003

At first thought, I would start with the sensors. But to be absolutely
sure, you need a mechanical pressure gauge.

The sensors are 0.3 bar(4.4psi) and 1.8bar(26.5psi)

The book only specifies 28psi at 2000rpm.

Good Luck,

-Gary, Orlando

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 20:07, Fudny at aol.com wrote:
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> When I last changed my oil I drove away after the Jetta warmed up and driving
> down my hill the oil light and buzzer came alive. This lasted for a brief
> second and all was fine. That was 1/11/03, Wednesday 02/12/03 after driving
> 60 miles on an interstate as I exited (dropped the RPMs) it all reared it
> uglyness once again. Pulled over checked it quickly and drove away with no
> issues. Today After 40 miles slowing down for a toll booth it happened again,
> pushed in the clutch bought the RPM up for a second and all reset. 20 miles
> later exiting It happened 3X. After the first occurrence I had driven a
> slower route home no issues and same today.
> So it seems after driving high speed for about an hour the light and buzzer
> comes on and driving 55 all is cool.
> First thing after I got home I changed the oil and filter and did not make a
> difference today.
> Any help in where I should start.
> TIA - Terry
> 85 Jetta 2Dr. only 92,000 (this is the sick on)
> 78 MB 300CD
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