[Vwdiesel] Gasoline Companies to Boycott

Gary, Orlando gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 12:02:46 EST 2003

I keep hearing this over and over...

(Warning... this is entirely off topic, delete if you wish to avoid.)

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 15:54, Harmon Seaver wrote:
>    I really question the validity of this. For one, I don't at all disagree with
> the Saudis, or anyone else who boycotts US goods. I expect to see much more of
> this, including Europe and South America, and well they should.


> Shame on us.


> If
> you haven't noticed, 99% of the people of the world are extremely pissed at the
> US, and for very good reason.


>Some big dockworker and other unions in Brazil are
> going to boycott all US and UK ships in their ports, and Brazil is the biggest
> SA economy. I will not be in the slightest surprised to see many of our
> embassys around the world sacked and burned.

So, when your Grandmother(hypothetical) who lives next to Disney World
is killed when a terrorist sets off a gas bomb in the park, do you just
shrug and say... "Oh well, we deserved that". I don't think so.

>We deserve it.

How so?

>    But the secondly, I know for a fact that at least in some areas of the
> country, it matters very little which station you buy from, it all comes from
> the same bulk tank. I know where I lived in MN that was the case -- one truck
> came up from Duluth and filled all the gas stations in town with the same gas.
>    On the other hand, I started boycotting Exxon/Mobile long, long ago, for
> obvious reasons.
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> Harmon Seaver
> CyberShamanix
> http://www.cybershamanix.com

I suppose in your opinion, we should have never rebuilt the entire
European continent following WWII... never shared our grain with the
rest of the world...Lent(oops, given) billions of dollars to third world
countries in hope that they would become productive members of the
world... Shared our medical advances with the world, given billions of
charity dollars and volunteered billions of man-hours in charity aid
overseas. Ad nauseum.

I don't think we have stuck our noses in other countries business enough
where human right's issues have arisen. Granted, I don't entirely
believe we have equally applied our foreign policy in all cases. Just
because some countries haven't profited as well while sucking from the
US tit doesn't mean we should be browbeaten and punished for it.

Frankly, I'd rather believe in my country's leaders before I would
believe in a bunch of back-seat political analysts that seem to pop out
of the woodwork when ever a crisis emerges.

Oh, before you claim that we as Americans kill civilians, please note
for example, it is Saddam's military strategy that is killing the
innocents. When you place(hide) military hardware in a group of
civilians, what do you expect. And I believe there are Geneva Convention
regulations about this as well. More innocent civilians have died
because of the actions of henchmen than our military will ever, a-bombs

Oh, remember, that American girl who was kill by an Isreali bulldozer
the other day? Just a month before, she was caught on camera burning a
makeshift US flag. Did she deserve to die? Of course not!

However... the stupid shall be punished.


I am proud of my country has the sack and spine to stand up to these
people of the world. North Korea is next!

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