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Thu Nov 20 12:02:46 EST 2003

and lever arm that pushes onthe release bearing are
all OK.

The only thing left that I really don't like is the
feel of the release bearing.  The plate that the lever
arm presses against has about 5mm freeplay when
pushed, and then it activates solid.  My thinking is
that the release bearing is bad -- I think there
shoulddn't be any freeplay on that plate.  There were
metal bits lying in the area of the endcap of the 5th
gear housing.  Perhaps some bearings have deteriorated
in the release bearing?

Thanks for helping me finish this!!!
Karl in Johnsburg, IL
'94 VW Golf GL, 5spd, 146k miles
'89 Volvo 240DL, 5spd, 148k miles
'84 Honda VF1100S, 24k miles

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