[Vwdiesel] Power steering pump problem

Michael Smith r3mismith at health.nb.ca
Wed Nov 26 14:46:24 EST 2003


I had a long-term, bad leak in my pump and ended up just replacing the front
end bearing.  The previous one was BEAT to rat droppings. (quite literally
tore apart).  It was squeaking/squaking/rattling for a few weeks before
that.  Another hour of driving and mine would have surely seized.  I
should've taken a picture of the bearing, you wouldn't have believed it if
you saw it.  There wasn't much left to it at all, however I managed to press
it out and see just enough of the number on the bearing race bezel thingy
remaining to get a good cross reference at the local bearing shop and then
installed the new one.  .......$5.25 ! (CDN)

I could NOT find a rebuild kit for my 88 Jetta's PS pump anywhere in Canada,
and even a used one was a couple hundred bux, depending on where you looked.

Do yourself a favor. Put in a new $5.25 bearing.  I may even have the cross
reference # at home somewhere.  Email me if you need it.
ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca

Good luck !


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> Hi All,
> I was driving on the freeway at about 60 mph when I
> heard a very loud squeal.  It turns out the P/S belt
> got shredded. It looks like the pump seized (I just
> put on a brand new belt a week before).  However, the
> pump now turns.  The fluid level is normal.  Does
> anybody have any idea what would make the pump lock
> and then release?  The belt was good and tight! No
> problems with the system beforehand.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Charlie
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