[Vwdiesel] 1.9TD Glow Plug Relay

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Thu Nov 27 22:33:09 EST 2003

Wade - the relay in my '82 vanagon turns off power to the glow plugs
when the yellow light in the dash goes out.  After starting, the relay
kicks the power back on to the glow plugs until the temp sensor tells it
to shut back off.  Easy to test all this with a test light...  email me
if you don't know how to use one...


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I have a 1996 1.9TD recently installed in my 1984 Westfalia.  I have 
read that the glow plug relay keeping feeding power to the glow plugs 
for a few seconds after the engine starts.  When my glow plug light 
goes out I can hear the relay in the engine compartment 'click' and the 
dome light brightens at the exact moment the glow plug light goes out.  
  This leads me to believe that power is completely cut to the glow 
plugs when the dash indicator light goes out.  Is there a different 
relay that would allow the glow plugs to remain on after startup to 
give less smoke and smoother running at startup?

Wade Yorke 

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