[Vwdiesel] Glowplugs --- ( electrical circuit )

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Nov 29 10:39:07 EST 2003

"H.Hagar" wrote:
> Previously I mentioned that turnoff signal on startup may have come from alternator.
> Val Christian kindly informed me that the signal comes from a contact
> on Key switch. Those of you with Bentleys can trace on drawing  .  On mine the #50 wire
> on relay is connected to contact that closes when starter is used. It is a temporary
> ON contact.        Those Germans are tricky , so to understand ALL the possible
> combinations is difficult.  Example :  When I look at circuit, looks like we get
> afterglow on the old system during a push to start.       There are many ways to turn
> off plugs design-wise  Key-switch -- Alternator output --Oil pressure --you get the drift.
> Talking about interesting -- to me it is --   was lucky enough to find an old "Relay"
> with internal circuit printed on side.Will forward if you need it.

As mentioned on my page:

I found all the relays I tested turned on with the start contact and stayed on for a fixed period of time.  Some would do "wierd" things if the start contact was applied (with the Temp sensor input out of range) like stay on forever or click on and off
quickly.  If given a good Temp sensor input, they behaved quite nicely.


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