[Vwdiesel] Weird horn problem!

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 7 10:17:38 EDT 2003

> For the life of my 92 Jetta, I have had this problem, intermittently.
> It's not because of a large wad of keys.  I only carry one key, alone,
> without a ring or fob.  So there's not an extra key getting into the
> equation.
> I've had it that after I tap the starter, the horn stays on for a time
> between 100 msec and about 10 seconds.  Usually the duration is less than
> 2 seconds.

 On a different but related note, the horn on my '87 Quantum (gasser) began
sounding off with a random toot here and there while driving down the road,
usually. Sometimes it would do it when the steering wheel was turned while
the car was at rest, though. I eventually traced it to the brass contact on
the back of the steering wheel. The finger on the column that makes contact
with it had actually worn through in the area which corresponded to straight
ahead and thin brass "fingers" sticking out from the ring were making
contact with the metal on the column as the wheel was turned from left to
right. I pulled the steering wheel and replaced the slip ring with one from
another wheel I had laying around, and the problem went away. Pretty simple
fix once I knew what was going on but it was a little difficult to figure
out in the first place. A thin smear of grease might have prevented the wear
that caused the ring to wear out, but lubing your horn contacts was not
something I had assigned a very high priority to.......   :-))


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