[Vwdiesel] Glowplugs ID's ---- ( for a fellow Hammer and all )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Sep 10 22:14:05 EDT 2003

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Mike Smith a QSL would be nice , but a lobster better.   It took me a long =
time to get the real story about VW glowplugs right from Mr. Bosch himself.=
   On the way I got a lot of strange versions. In short look at the plug , =
the top nut (with the groove and staked) should be white metal . Then you g=
ot the first line (slow) the 200  is the ID  .  The fast plugs (second line=
) has yellow metal top  and ID is 201.
To test either plug connect to 12 V  and measure current shoul be around 10=
 Amps. Use ac or dc for test. Should glow after say 10 seconds. By the way =
I carry a long glowplug in trunk as emergency solder iron.
You can mix up old and new with the slow Relay installed , but not with the=
 fast relay. The old plugs will burn out if used for afterglow ,as in the t=
urbo Jettas. So you probably need a 201 for your Jetta.Winter is coming so =
get it now. For winter starting use 18 volts for starting in the morning. 6=
 V in series with lead to starter.
Check your plugs and see if they all have yellow tops. Go for the yellow an=
d stick to BOSCH only , if you can not get a jonbbers with buildt in ballas=
t resistor.                ----  73 ----

PS: I am sitting here with a brand new yellow in my hand that I am not usin=
g you can have it for 59.99 or a lobster. To test plugs without disconnecti=
n anything . use Mv scale and measure drop on buss.
Almost forgot --- the new plugs are designed for a 3 minute dutycycle.  goo=
d for 3 minutes ON.

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