[Vwdiesel] Horn troubles in Rabbits 1980 to 1986 -- ( Blowing your horn )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Sep 12 07:54:35 EDT 2003

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OK fellas I admit it , I was bragging (blowing my horn)   but it is close t=
o the truth .  You all have valid points so let me be clear I am for having=
 a functional horn.  When I got the # 2 1980 Rabbit ("Bunny Blue") and open=
ed the hood ----wow a fully functional AIRHORN compressor and all.    Then =
I made the mistake of putting my blowgun nozzle to the rubber hose , to see=
 how loud it would go.    Her voice cord broke  ---cry cry.
I still remember horns on model T's with a rubber squeeze bulb's --   Is a =
bell still legal anywhere ???    stop me I am getting carried away. 06 00 i=
n the morning. Must be the water.       In investigating the horn on the 19=
82 I discovered that steel blades were used in main fuse-panel and on relay=
s=2EDISGUSTING what the hell are they doing over there , they know better t=
han that.    --- SO remember to use lots of Vaseline on relays when you plu=
g them in.      Hagar.

PS: I am using a freon boat-horn to get the deer out of the way when landin=
g an ultralight without brakes.Killed a dog taking off one day. ---All user=
s of horns should be taught the use af standard signals like morse. like so=
s=2E   Any really good horn
tales out there ???.

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