[Vwdiesel] Voltage drop when glowplugs working !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Sep 14 12:37:24 EDT 2003

Hmmmm.........I don't think the starter runs at the same time the plugs are
on. (*unless you want it to)
 I always wait until the yellow dash light goes out, then a couple seconds
later I listen for the under-dash timer relay to disengage.  Afterwhich
there is no voltage being applied to the G-plugs.
However, that being said, there HAS been current drawn from the battery
immediately before engaging the starter and the battery is that much
"weaker", so your point is correct if that's what you had intended to say


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> Mike & Coreen Smith wrote:
> >
> > Val, Group.
> >
> > OK, I think I better look at getting a new battery then, and maybe
> > installing better cables.
> > I am sure it's working on at least 3 plugs now, but unsure how long the
> > 91 Golf "non turbo" glowplug will work for me in my 88 Jetta TD. Some
> > not very long. (LOL)
> Also consider that the starter will be running at the same time that the
plugs are on, while cranking the engine over.
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>     Roger

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