[Vwdiesel] Glow plug confusion --- ( Bentley is wrong say I )

Harmon Seaver hseaver at cybershamanix.com
Mon Sep 15 16:51:03 EDT 2003

On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 12:00:40PM -0700, Nate Wall wrote:
> <<<Afterglow it is called , was used to reduce white
> fog from cold turbo Engines. But it works for ALL
> diesels.?      More on this some other time. >>>
> Why would a TD smoke more on start-up than a NA diesel
> VW engine? No boost at start-up. The ONLY thing I
> could equate it to is the higher injection pressure
> the nozzles are set at, or the more advanmced timing,
> but advancing the timing REDUCES white smoking. Higher
> injection pressure would tend to REDUCE smoking I
> think too. I do believe the prechambers are nearly
> identical. Hmmmmm.....This has never been explained, I
> believe.
    I thought the TD was lower compression than the NA? At least that's the way
it is with most engines, not sure about VW's.

Harmon Seaver

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